Welcome to Nagoya, the City of Hospitality.

Shopping and Traveling in Nagoya

This website「NAGOYA NAVIGATOR - 購旅名古屋 -」is the official website operated by the Nagoya Inbound Executive Committee. We create videos to introduce tourist information for Nagoya, give information on how to use public transportation, and the latest information on the two biggest downtown areas, the "Nagoya station area" and the "Sakae area". In addition, we also post online coupons from 10 carefully selected stores. Check this site to enjoy sightseeing and shopping in and around Nagoya!


  • The best time to see the cherry blossoms!
    We took a trip to some of Nagoya’s cherry blossom spots♪

    The cherry blossoms in Nagoya have finally started to bloom!
    With the blooming times differing slightly every year, the cherry blossoms are expected to be at full bloom by around the middle of next week. Around the wonderful city of Nagoya there are many different spots where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, so this time Phoebe and KIKO took a sneak peek at a few locations near Nagoya Station and Sakae.
    The days are getting warmer, and the weather is getting better making it perfect to enjoy some cherry blossom viewing!
    Enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Nagoya♪

  • Packed with Highlights!
    Spring sightseeing in Nagoya!

    Although it’s still cold in Nagoya, spring is on the way and it’s the perfect season for sightseeing!
    This time Phoebe and KIKO took the time to visit some of Nagoya’s recommended sightseeing spots that we think you should check out between now and spring!
    We will deliver essential information and plenty of content on Nagoya Castle, as well as popular animals that are talked about by people from all over Japan, and more! If you are interested, check out the video for more information!

  • Must eats, for when you come to Nagoya! Part 2!

    If you are visiting Nagoya, we highly recommend trying Nagoya’s unique gourmet food, also known as “Nagoya-meshi”.
    Once again, Phoebe and KIKO enjoy lots of ‘Nagoya-meshi’!
    Take a look and you might even discover some Nagoyan food you didn’t know about.
    Check out the video below!

  • Let’s enjoy that feeling of love with illuminations around Nagoya☆彡

    With Christmas just around the corner, the city of Nagoya is sparkling!
    After a great day shopping around Nagoya Station and the Sakae area, why not get the most out of your winter nights by checking out the city draped in colourful lights?
    These beautiful illuminations will help you forget all about the chilly weather!
    More energetic than usual, Phoebe and KIKO take the time to introduce some wonderful illumination spots that everyone can enjoy!

  • Let’s enjoy a photogenic Osu!

    When it comes to having fun in the Osu shopping district, the main things are of course shopping and walking while eating, but there are also plenty of great photo spots to show off on your social media!
    Just one street away from the main street, lies an old fashioned street that still retains that stylish and retro atmosphere!
    Phoebe and KIKO have found not so well known and hidden photogenic spots.
    For a place to make some memories on your travels, as well as a great spot to take some pictures to show off on your social media, check out the Osu shopping district!

  • Must eats, for when you come to Nagoya!

    When you think of the pleasures of travelling, one of them is of course gourmet foods! Numerous Nagoya cuisines, also known as “Nagoya-meshi” have become famous throughout the country. This time Phoebe and KIKO walk around various recommended eating establishments, and introduce the foods that represent “Nagoya-meshi”. For those who are visiting Nagoya for the first time, and/or those who are unsure what they want to eat in Nagoya, please use this as a reference to enjoy your delicious journey in Nagoya!

  • An early autumn stroll around Nagoya! ~From Nagoya Station to Nagoya Castle~

    Autumn in Japan is considered the most comfortable, and best season to travel! Phoebe and KIKO take a nice stroll around Nagoya in early autumn. On the journey from Nagoya Station to Nagoya Castle you will come across old streets and shopping districts where a rustic atmosphere still remains, with some hidden spots that cannot be found when travelling via bus or train.

  • How to get/use great coupons that can be used at popular stores in Nagoya!

    In Nagoya Navigator, you will find many great coupons that can be used at well-known and popular shops and department stores in Nagoya. Coupons are very convenient and easily obtained from brochures, the Internet, and even via using social networking, Phoebe and KIKO introduce how to obtain and get the most out of these coupons for foreign tourists!

  • Introducing Nagoya’s major shopping spots! ~The Sakae Area~

    Continuing on from the Nagoya Station area, we introduce some of the recommended products from selected shops and department stores, as well as the special services that can be had when using the Nagoya Navigator coupons. The Sakae area streets are lined with shops, and Sakae is also home to a number of festivals & events. It’s a great spot to enjoy shopping while walking down the streets!

  • Introducing Nagoya’s major shopping spots! ~Nagoya Station Area~

    Nagoya’s two biggest shopping and entertainment districts are the Nagoya station area and the Sakae area. This time Phoebe and KIKO visited some of the recommended shops in the Nagoya station area! In addition to the recommended items and convenient services of each shop, we also introduce how to use the coupons from the Nagoya Navigator’s brochure, so this is a must see!

  • How to use Nagoya Navigator, which is filled with useful information.

    Phoebe and KIKO show in detail about how to use, and get the most out of Nagoya’s latest guide brochure, the “Nagoya Navigator”. Coupons for Nagoya’s main department stores are also included! You can pick up this brochure from Chubu Centrair International Airport, various hotels and tourist information centers in Nagoya city. Use it to make the most of your time in Nagoya!

  • Enjoy shopping & gourmet delights! CENTRAIR - The entrance to Nagoya!

    This time Phoebe and KIKO introduce the charm of Chubu International Airport, the entrance to Nagoya! By using CENTRAIR for only air travel you’re missing out on all there is to be enjoyed, such as shopping and lots of gourmet fun! Please enjoy CENTRAIR to the fullest so you can make the most of your travels when you first arrive in Nagoya, and just before returning home from your journey.

  • Nagoya Summer Festival! - Let’s enjoy the summer in town -

    One thing you can’t miss for a great summer in Japan is the summer festivals. Phoebe and KIKO went to the Nagoya Port Festival, one of Nagoya’s leading summer festivals. We also introduce the various festivals that will be held in the city of Nagoya from now until the end of August.

  • Chubu Centrair International Airport→Nagoya Station→Sakae
    Easy to follow access guide!

    We show you how to use the public transportation which is very useful when coming to Nagoya. Phoebe and KIKO travel from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Meitetsu Nagoya Station by train, and then from Nagoya Station to Sakae via the subway. We also explain in detail how to buy the necessary tickets.
    It’s a little long but once you watch this it should prove invaluable!

  • Nagoya Station Area to Sakae Area (Part 2)

    Phoebe and KIKO departed from the Nagoya Station area and started walking towards the Sakae Area. In Part 2, after crossing the Naya-bashi Bridge and passing through Fushimi we arrived at the Sakae Area where the streets are lined with shops! Wandering through the busy streets filled with people enjoying their day off, we head for the Nagoya TV Tower.

  • Nagoya Station Area to Sakae Area (Part1)

    The two biggest downtown areas of Nagoya, the "Nagoya Station Area" and the "Sakae Area" are close enough to each other that you can enjoy shopping in each of them on a single day, such is the appeal of Nagoya. Program Navitagor members, Phoebe and KIKO start in the bustling and ever changing Nagoya Station area and walk towards the Sakae area.


Nagoya Inbound Executive Committee

The Nagoya Inbound Executive Committee, with the cooperation of the Nagoya Tourism Convention Bureau, was established by 10 companies. Chubu Centrair International Airport, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Meitetsu Department Store, BIC CAMERA, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, KOMEHYO, Matsuzakaya Department Store Nagoya Branch, Maruei, Mitsukoshi Nagoya Sakae Store and Don Quijote have gathered together to help improve the hospitality of Nagoya. It is our hope that more people who have visited Nagoya can enjoy its hospitality and make many great memories in this city. Please make full use of NAGOYA NAVIGATOR, and enjoy your stay in Nagoya, the city of hospitality.

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